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Amsterdam Calendar 2009


*Holidays marked with an asterisk are officially recognised in Amsterdam and banks, post offices, governmental offices, schools and some museums may be close early or not open at all.


For Amsterdam event and festival information for 2009 please click here



1st New Years Day*



10th April Good Friday*

12th - Easter Sunday

13th - Easter Monday

30th Queen’s Day (Koninginnedag)*


1st Labour Day*
4th National Remembrance Day (Herdenkings Day)
5th Liberation Day (Nationale Bevridingsdag - celebrated with a holiday every 5th year)

21st Ascension Day*
31st Pentecost Sunday


1st June - Whit Monday*


8th Gay Pride Day


5th Sinter Klaas
25th First Christmas Day (Eerste Kerstdag)*
26th Second Christmas Day (Tweede Kerstdag)*

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