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Amsterdam Centraal (Central) Station


Centraal Station is one of the most impressive landmarks of central Amsterdam, and marks the arrival and departure point for many visits. Built on a custom built island reclaimed from the river behind it, Centraal Station also marks the northeastern boundary of the city centre.



The station is the logistical and practical heart of the city's transport system and the the centre of a web of transport links including trams, buses, metros and taxis which radiate out across and beyond the city from this point.


From this station it is easy to link into almost all public transport routes directly, or with just one transfer. In front of the main building there are also official tourist offices and information kiosks from where you can buy tickets for both public and private transport.



The station has a number of small kiosks, a small convenience store open until 10pm., a chemist, a healthfood store, a bar, various cafes, fast food shops and news stands.



Train tickets can be purchased from the large yellow machines underneath every platform - these dispensers do not accept credit cards, but  having enough change ready to pay for your tickets will help avoid surcharges at the ticket desks.



After Dark..

Most of the main entrances are closed from 1am - 5am, passengers wishing to travel between these times must make use of the Western entrance, from where all active platforms are accessible.


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