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The Basics

Amsterdam is a tourist hotspot, with many, varied attractions all year round. From classical concerts to cutting edge contemporary exhibitions, world music to handbag museums there are many venues and organisations all competing to attract you to their particular offerings.


Having said that many international artists' shows, concerts and exhibitions get sold out in Amsterdam very quickly - so if you are intending to come to Amsterdam for a particular reason / event it is wise to ensure you have your ticket well in advance - once tickets become scarce the prices rocket...


The tips on this page are intended to help you get more from your pound / euro . dollar / rouble - more from your time - and more from your holiday!


Tip 1.

Check out what's on

The Amsterdam Guru pages link to a host of webpages and directories with entertainment listings.

Most tickets can be bought online, and if you are staying at a hotel, many offer a free (or fairly inexpensive) ticket reservation and holding service.

Check listings regularly and decide what you want to see as early as possible - as popular acts / venues in Amsterdam can sell out quickly!!


Tip 2

Book in advance.

Especially in high season (May - October), Christmas - New Years & Queens Day (April 30th) Amsterdam is very, very busy.

Hotel rooms are sometimes booked many months in advance, and it is wise to assure you have one confirmed before you arrive - For some suggestions here visit our accommodation pages

In low season there is much more potential for negotiation and getting last minute deals - although again best to secure something before you arrive.


Tip 3

Ask for what you want!!

The choice in Amsterdam for everything is enormous - hospitality is the lifeblood for many industries - so whatever you are looking for / need is probably here somewhere - or can be easily arranged. ASK. If one place doesn't have what you are looking for, they may well know somewhere else that can accommodate you.


Tip 4.

Use reputable agents

Check the credentials of any agents you want to use - especially for any advance bookings made online.

Confirm bookings made with agencies by calling them personally.


Tip 5

Shop around..

Although there are many tourists, competition for customers is fierce in Amsterdam & the recent advances with online bookings have only increased the scope of choice.

If you know what you want, and have the time it may well be worth checking what the competition has to offer.

Agencies and proprietors may often be willing to give discounts for potential customers prepared to stay an extra night / who will bring additional custom with them - again the only way to find out is to ASK!



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