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Amsterdam 'Coffeeshops'


The Coffeeshops Of Amsterdam:


Although there has been a steady a reduction in the number of licensed coffeeshops in the last few years, Amsterdam still boasts almost 250 shops, which are almost as varied as the people who frequent them. From intimate grottos through to chic café/bars, coffeeshops come in many different shapes, sizes and styles, however the majority are not allowed to sell alcoholic drinks – a policy being reinforced by the city council who now refuses to allow premises both alcoholic drinks and marijuana-selling licenses.

Typically the shops will have a menu available for purchasing hash and weed, with weights and prices clearly indicated per variety. Prices range from around 4 – 30 euros per gram, depending on the quality or scarcity of the variety offered (although typically a gram will cost about 6 – 10 euros per gram) Some shops sell bags ready-weighed, others will ask you how much you want and then fill the bag in front of you on electronic scales.


If you are in any doubt about what you want, or you need some advice feel free to ask the staff – they are usually very knowledgeable about their products and can help recommend something to suit.


If you do not smoke tobacco, most shops also provide a variety of devices such as pipes or ‘vaporisers’ and a few also sell ‘space’ products – cakes, cookies or drinks which contain either hash or weed.


The future of the coffeeshops as we recognize them today is threatened by the legislation which is gradually reducing and redefining the number and the nature of Amsterdam’s coffeeshops. This process began with the authorities tightening the procedures for the control, and closure of shops falling foul of the guidelines prescribed; and has now developed into a policy of minimization – effectively denying the shops the right to advertise, or operate within specific areas.



Some advice.

As with all intoxicants any usage is performed at the individuals own risk. If you do intend on participating - for your own safety and security please take note of the advice below.


1/ Cannabis in Amsterdam is typically a lot stronger in the Netherlands than elsewhere.


2/ NEVER buy drugs from the street peddlers. This is the best way to lose your money, and possibly a lot more. You run the dual risk of mugging and theft on one side and arrest and possible prosecution on the other.

3/ If you feel rough, get something sweet to eat or drink, and sit somewhere quiet for a while.

4/ Watch out for the canals – many do not have any safety rail – and every year unsuspecting tourists fall in – sometimes with tragic consequences.


5/ NEVER smoke and drive or operate any heavy / dangerous machinery

6/ Don’t take photos in coffeeshops – most patrons don’t really appreciate it!

7/ Side Effects can include feelings of paranoia, light-headedness and nausea. In case of feelings of being uncomfortable affected persons should get something sweet to eat or drink (not space cakes) and relax. The effects should not last more than a few minutes, although if you have eaten any ‘space’ products it could take longer. If you feel really bad talk to the staff – they see this regularly and know how to help.



A Few Amsterdam Coffeeshops

Open early...

‘Barney’s’ – Haarlemmerstraat 102, open from 7am, 5 mins walk from Centraal Station, also serves a good breakfast!

‘Funny People’ – Nieuwebrugsteeg 24, open from 8am, 5 mins walk from Centraal Station.

‘Picasso’ – Haarlemmerstraat 6, open from 8am, 5 mins walk from Centraal, see the man himself posing outside! Free breakfast!

De Groot – Hugo De Grootkade, West / Jordaan area. Open from 7am.



The Kashmir Lounge – J.P. Heijestraat 85
Although a little bit out of the Centrum, stepping into the Kashmir lounge is like leaving the Netherlands. The bar is dark all year round with Indian sculptures lining the walls. The seating is comfortable – and there is even a room where you can lie down on heaps of sumptuous cushions, and in good weather there is a small terrace outside. A nice place to sit and rest awhile! Also serves alcoholic drinks.

The Rookies Bar – Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 41
A light spacious, bar/café with a pool table and a terrace outside when it's sunny!

a/ Lange Leidsedwarsstraat 41
b/ Singel 8
c/ Amstel 8
D/ Elandsgracht

Centraal Coffee Shop – Prins Hendrikkade 89

Jan Piet – J.P Heijestraat 82

Abraxas – Jonge Roelensteeg 12-14

a/ Tolstraat 91
b/ Waterlooplein

The Greenhouse Effect – Warmoesstraat 53

Bluebird – St Antoniesbreestraat 71

Dampkring – Handboogstraat 29

Tweedy – Vondelstraat 104

Last Waterhole – O.Z. Armsteeg 12 - 14

Dutch Flowers – Singel 387

Happy Days – Amsteldijk 139

La Canna – Nieuwendijk 121 - 125

Johnny’s – Elandsgracht 8hs


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