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Amsterdam Food and Drink
Bars and Cafes

Amsterdam Street Food

Hot food to go when you're in the know...

(some seats sometimes)


 fried vegetable balls in pita bread, (often with unlimited salad from a self-service salad bar!) available all over Amsterdam. Good value food, highly and regularly recommended are the ‘Maoz’ chain of shops – for their consistency and salad! (takeaway kiosks in / near Leidseplein, Rembrandtplein, Dam Square) Also very widely available in most ‘shoarma places

Vlaamse Patat / French fries

said to originate in the Vlanders region, or in France if you ask there, this is nevertheless a typical Dutch street snack - traditionally covered in mayonnaise - now also available with a number of other toppings (including ‘Oorlog’: meaning ‘War’ – a combination of Mayonnaise, Sate (peanut sauce) and fresh diced onions.. just picture it)

Fish & Chips

Typical British Isles’ food – Battered Cod, Plaice, thick chips…the works. And (unusual for Amsterdam) Pies!! (‘Al’s Plaice’ (Nieuwendijk 10) is the only place in town)


There are good soup specialists on the streets of Amsterdam! Look out for the ‘‘Soup Kitchen’ (Nieuwendijk 50, near Centraal Station!) Soup & Zo (Nieuwmarkt, Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 54 & Waterlooplein) Both offer a hearty meal, warmth and some nice fruit offerings. Filling and refreshing – whenever you need either.

‘Shoarma’ / Kebabs

Mediterranean staples - diced or minced portions of seasoned lamb meat, chicken, beef and some token salad, wrapped in a pita and doused with garlic and chilli sauce. (Don't spill any on your tuxedo – these stains don’t wash out in a hotel sink!)


 really only “Albert Heijn to go” (Dam Square, Museumplein, Rembrandtplein, Koningsplein) are all handy for round the center (some also have convenience ‘drop in/out’ outlets - readymade sandwiches, fruit cocktails or drink on the run.

Cake and Coffee Shops

on almost every street in Amsterdam you can find some kind of cake opportunity. Go on - try them! The Dutch have an incredible gift for producing the most tantalizing desserts - their apple pies, cream cakes combinations and fresh fruit flans are something else. Find a quiet place and you can rest awhile and enjoy something delicious!

Bakers (‘Bakkerijen’)

 most have some kind of sandwich bar inside, which offer solid value, custom-built sandwiches – ask for what you want it may not be a delicatessen, and the ingredients may be basic but filling, with a range of different breads usually available. All also offer some sort of warm pastry (sausage rolls, cheese soufflés, vegetarian pasties – universal bakery food ! In terms of sandwiches for me


A couple of special mentions..


offers the widest and best selection of sandwiches in Amsterdam - that, however is just my opinion – try them, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed (Prinsengracht 705/A – just off Leidsestraat)

'La Place’

if you find yourself hungry on the Kalverstraat near the Bloemengracht (Flower Market) or on the Rokin this is a great place to please each and every different dining whim under one roof! Fresh, “self service” food direct from farmers, with plenty of seats and a balcony on the first floor at the back overlooking the Kalverstraat which sometimes catches the sun!

Local Heros

Summer sees ‘Haring’ stalls pop up around Amsterdam. A popular local snack, the fish is traditionally eaten whole by placing it straight down your gullet.  Also served in a tray, sliced, with fresh diced onions, pickles and a fork. Interested?  Look for out for small white stalls….


In the winter the same pitches are often used by 'Oliebollen' sellers - round balls of deep fried dough - liberally dusted with sugar. The perfect antidote to a cold wintry day!!

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