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Amsterdam places to stay..

Amsterdam caters for the millions of tourists who visit each year with an impressive variety of accommodation for all tastes and budgets. Whether you are looking for 5 star luxury, more modest hotels, hostels, self catering accommodation or a camping Amsterdam is equipped for all ages, preferences and  pockets.


Amsterdam's size means that nearly all accommodation is within walking (or cycling!) distance from most major attractions. Excellent public transport links also mean you can cross town quickly and easily.


Although Amsterdam has busy periods over the New Year period and Queens Day (April 30th) the real ‘high season’ Amsterdam is during the warm summer months from the beginning of June to the end of September when in addition to the regular attractions Amsterdam’s parks and open spaces come into their own with shows, festivals and concerts on an almost daily basis.


Amsterdam Hotels

Amsterdam has more than 350 hotels which annually provide accommodation for millions of tourists and visitors from all over the world. Hospitality varies from luxury 5 star boutique hotels in the city centre to simple, basic backpacker & budget-friendly hotels with dormitory and group rooms.


During the high season hotels in Amsterdam are often fully booked, and when rooms can be found they will cost a premium. 


Amsterdam Hostels

Amsterdam has a number of well established, reputable and centrally located hostels offering good quality budget accommodation.
With group rooms, dormitory beds and a host of other services they are an excellent places to meet other independent travellers and get good reliable advice about the area.


Amsterdam Room / Apartment Rentals

There are also an increasing number of apartments and rooms available for short term rentals, which can add a more intimate feel and local flavour to your holiday. Most do require visitors to commit to a minimum stay (of usually about three days) but depending on your group size, budget and preferences these can offer an excellent alternative to hotels.


Camping & Caravanning in Amsterdam

A little way out of the town there are also camping possibilities, caravanning parks and more sedate dwellings to rent away from the hustle and bustle of the centre


Camping Zeeburg -

Gaasper Camping -



Bed & Breakfast

B&B is not a well established form of accommodation - although the number of places has increased over the past few years. Best thing to do is search online (type 'Amsterdam Bed and Breakfast' into the search box above)


Tips Before Booking

1. Always book hotel rooms and other accommodation well in advance.

 Although Amsterdam has an estimated 17,000 rooms it also has one of the highest occupancy rates in Europe. Especially during the peak season last minute accommodation can be hard to find, and expensive when available.


2. Check Hotel locations before you book.

It is well worth checking where any hotels you may be considering booking are located - while party animals may find a busy 247 street a dream holiday destination, people seeking a more relaxing experience may prefer a more tranquil canalside setting…

3. Online Booking - Book early & get the best deals!

The internet is an excellent place to book hotel rooms. Online booking agencies can also offer discounted deals which many hotels cannot match for exactly the same rooms and dates. Early bookers almost always get the best deals, so plan ahead!

4. Double-check the company you book with

Make sure you book with reputable companies / agencies or hotels themselves & never send a cash deposit.

5. Check The Facilities

Smaller & older hotels may not have full wheelchair access & many have steep stairs – ask when you are booking if you expect to need an elevator.
Check online reviews from other travelers, if you are not sure if a hotel has what you are looking for call them directly and check.


1. Book hotel rooms and accommodation in advance
2. Check the location & facilities before you commit
3. If paying online ensure you use a reputable company.
4. Take copies of all reservation / confirmation emails with you when you sign in
5. Keep a copy of your hotel's name and address with you (this can really help if you get lost or need to get a taxi!)
6. Never use the touts to get a room! It will be less safe and more expensive!


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