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Shopping in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Markets

Amsterdam boasts more than 30 markets selling all kinds of produce. They offer relaxed and interesting places to experience the atmosphere of Amsterdam and it’s people.


The assortment is impressive – an old Dutch saying claims that if you can’t find it on a Dutch market it either doesn’t exist or hasn’t been discovered yet!


A proud merchant city with a rich cultural heritage the markets reflect this in the foods, fabrics and faces you will see when exploring the markets of the capital. As the saying goes - if you can't find it here it either doesn't exist or hasn't been invented yet...


 Ecological farmers markets; antique and curiosa stalls, collectors stalls and art stalls together with the more general markets offer an enormous variety of everyday items and exotic surprises – have a browse, you're sure to find something you fancy!


Many stalls do accept ‘PIN’ debit cards, although cash is the traditionally favoured currency, most places will not accept credit cards.


The Albert Cuyp Market

 Monday to Saturday 09.00 – 18.00, (Trams 12, 3, 5,)
2005 marks the 100th anniversary of the Albert Cuyp Market – Amsterdam’s largest market, and one of the most famous and popular markets in the Netherlands. The market boasts almost 270 stalls selling a wide choice of groceries, clothes and almost anything else you can think of.


Thanks in part to the many students, writers and immigrant communities that have made the ‘Pijp’ area their home the market has a huge selection of domestic and more exotic produce from around the world to cater for it’s hugely diverse clientele.


Situated on a street that was formerly a canal, the market sits in the Pijp area of the city, near many bars, cafes and a park. Easily reached by public transport from across the capital it offers a ‘gezellig’ shopping opportunity for the whole family.


The Flower Market - 'Bloemenmarkt'

Monday - Saturday, 09.00 - 17.30 (Sunday opens 11.00)

One of Amsterdam's most famous landmarks. The flowermarket stalls on boats and platforms above the 'Singel'


Moored between the Leidseplein and Kalverstraat it is in the heart of the city, crammed with tulip & flower bulbs, souvenirs and gifts.


Westerstraat / Westermarkt.

Mondays only 09.00 – 13.00 (Trams 14 & 17)

In the middle of the Jordaan in the West of Amsterdam most of the 150 stalls in this Monday morning general market specialise in textiles and clothes. From inexpensive fabrics to luxury swathes of cloth this market has a wide variety of choice at extremely reasonable prices – attracting many people from across the country looking for that something special!
Just around the corner is another famous market – the Noordermarkt.



Ecological Farmers’ & Poultry Market:

Saturdays 09.00 – 16.00

Antiques & Curiosities Market:

Mondays 09.00 – 14.00  / Saturdays 10.00 – 17.00 (Tram 14 & 17)
Surrounding by the 17th century Noorderkerk, The Noordermarkt offers two different kinds of market. For centuries it has served Amsterdammers as a second-hand and antiques market, and in 1987 an ecological produce market was founded to give local farmers a place to sell their wares direct residents.


Close to the Westermarkt and enjoying all the attractions of the old Jordaan, the market is a busy and interesting place to shop – with unique cheeses, excellent meat products and fresh baked breads, there are more than enough for the health conscious or gastronomes to find something to their tastes.


The antiques market is an atmospheric place full of curios, antiques, and second hand goods, and so never the same twice attracting bargain hunters, rummagers and collectors hoping to seek out the strange, unique or unusual in the boxes and tables scattered across the square.
Well worth a visit!


Waterlooplein Markt

 Monday – Saturday: 09.00 – 17.00 (Trams14, 9, Metro Waterlooplein)
**5 mins walk from Nieuwmarkt**
The market, (named after the battle of Waterloo) is the capital’s premier flea market and sits to the southern edge of the central area of Amsterdam, just next to the the ‘Stadshuis’ Books, second hand clothing & accessories; household equipment; handmade items and much more are packed into, onto and around the more than 180 stalls which crowd the square.


Best and busiest on Saturdays it’s a popular destination among tourists and well worth a stroll just to enjoy the atmosphere or examine the variety of goods on sale. Look out for the cuddly toy tree… strange……



Bio Market

09.00 – 17.00 Saturdays

Daily Market

09.00 – 18.00 Monday – Saturday
Antique & Curiosa Market – every other Sunday 09.00 – 17.00 from the second week of May until the end of October.
Another multifunctional marketplace that next to the ‘Waag’ – Amsterdam's former weighing house, now a restaurant and bar. The market is small, but the most centrally located of Amsterdam’s markets and a short walk from Waterlooplein market. The antique market can be a good place to find records and other bits and pieces, but the selection is limited and there are not many stalls to choose from.
(Metro – Nieuwmarkt)


Spui Art Market

Sundays (Late March - October) 10am - 6pm

A small art market where artists and artists' cooperatives sell directly to the public, with sculpture, painting and prints.


Thorbeckeplein Art Market

Sundays (Late March - October) 9am - 5pm

Under the shade of tall leafy trees next to Rembrandtplein this market offers visitors contemporary art direct from the artists. Paintings, sculpture, textiles, silk printing, lithographs - or perhaps have your cariacature or portrait sketched by freelancers on the main square!


Markets Near Amsterdam


'The Black Market' - Beverwijk

Saturdays and Sundays, Beverwijk (nr Amsterdam)

25 kilometres from Amsterdam in Beverwijk lies 'De Bazaar' an enormous market with oriental bazaar, flea market, food market, car boot sale and computer market. The variety of products is amazing, the scale of the market impressive and the prices extremely competitive. A place to hone bargaining skills to grab great deals on almost anything!

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