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Amsterdam Metros, Buses and Trams

Public Transport

Zones & Tickets

For public transport purposes, Amsterdam is divided into zones by the GVB (the local public transport corporation)


Associated with these zones is a system of ticketing - where travellers buy strips of tickets which are then stamped for each journey made. The number of strips used equals the number of zones travelled through - PLUS ONE.


For example - if you wish to travel through two zones you will need to buy three ‘strips’ if you are travelling through three zones you will need to pay
for four strips.


Tickets must be validated on entering the vehicle, and depending on the number of strips the traveller can use any public transport for a limited period of time. So as long as you stay within the zones covered you can take a bus, a tram and even some trains having to stamp again.


‘Strippenkaarten’ - tickets with between 2 and 45 strips can be purchased from most newsstands, supermarkets and some automatic machines on platforms etc., and are cheaper than buying individual tickets (provided you use the whole lot)


More than one person can be stamped on a ticket as long as they are both undertaking the same journey!


These discounted tickets however are not available directly from Tram / Bus / Metro drivers - so buy them in advance if you plan to use public transport whilst here!



After midnight there are night buses which run a limited service requiring special tickets - as with the strippenkaarts these are cheaper when purchased in advance and in bulk.


Tickets are valid for 1½ hours, and include transfers to other GVB nightbuses.

Night Bus Charges
Single Ticket: €3.50
12-Journey Ticket: €25.00

Ticket Prices (2009)

Striptickets 'strippenkaart' Prices

Daytime Travel Within Amsterdam
2 Strips (travel within 1 zone, bought onboard) = €1.60
3 Strips (travel within 2 zones, bought onboard) = €2.40

8 Strips (also valid as a 1 day ticket) = €6.40
15 Strips (multiple journey, advance sales only) = €7.30

15 Strips*reduced fare (multiple journey, advance sales only) = €4.80
45 Strips (multiple journey, advance sales only) = €21.60


*reduced fares are for 4-11 year olds, 65 years and over (with passport) and bicycles in designated areas)


All Inclusive Travel Cards

24, 48, 72 * 96 hr travel passes are also available, and allow you to use any service run by the GWB, including the nightbuses at no extra cost.


Tickets only need to be stamped once before your first journey.
2008 Ticket Prices:
24 hour ticket 7.00
48 hour ticket 11.50

72 hour ticket 15.00


Places to buy tickets

GVB hours tickets are available:

GVB Tickets & Info service outlets
from the ticket machines in the metro stations (only the 24-, 48- and 72-hours tickets)
from tram- and busdrivers and conductors (only the 24-hours ticket)
from the ticket machines on tram 5 and metro 51 (only the 24-hours ticket)
at VVV Amsterdam Tourist Offices
at various hotels, camping sites, AKO bookstores and some supermarkets

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