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Amsterdam Weather

Weather in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is close to the North Sea coast – and this proximity to the sea gives it a largely mild, temperate, marine climate. As a result the weather in Amsterdam can be very changeable and unpredictable – both during the course of a day, and from one year to another.


Amsterdam Average Weather Conditions


While this climate does tend to protect Amsterdam from extreme temperatures it does also give it a relatively high humidity, giving Amsterdam a healthy amount of precipitation.


The marine climate and flat geography can leave Amsterdam exposed to strong winds - typically prevailing from the West. The wind chill can make the temperature feel a few degrees lower.


Rainfall & Average Temperatures


Amsterdam Sunshine Hours / Day


Amsterdam's Seasons


Spring (March – May)

• Generally the lowest rainfall – April is the driest month
• Temperatures begin to pick up
• Days start to get longer


Summer (June – August)

• Highest temperatures – of up to 30 degrees in the last few years!
• Longest days – with sunlight until 10pm on some days.
• Fewer rainy days, but heavier rainfall when it comes.
* Terrace & park weather!


Autumn / Fall (September – November)

• Less sun & shorter days
• Highest rainfall
* Upside? Shorter queues, lower season prices for hotels & flights


Winter (December – February)

• Coldest temperatures – though seldom below zero.
• Tendency for periods of ‘grey’ weather
• Rarely snows – but if it freezes ice skating is possible on some canals!
• If the wind come from the North East – chances of frost increase.
• Crisp, cool, dry days



Weather Today in Amsterdam
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