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Welcome to Amsterdam Guru!

Reliable, up-to-date, honest information about Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Guides, tips, recommendations and what's on in Amsterdam.


Ready, willing and able to share with you our love and passion for Amsterdam - a small city with a big reputation, recognised internationally as one of the most progressive, cosmopolitan, and beautiful European cities.




Famous for it’s hospitality and tolerance, Amsterdam has a varied and rich cultural heritage; an enormous variety of entertainment and nightlife; top class museums, and romantic tree lined canals and plenty more to see and do all year round.


Although Amsterdam has less than 750,000 inhabitants - 177 nationalities live here side by side, making Amsterdam officially the most cosmopolitan city in the world. The Netherlands long tradition of tolerance and rich history of immigration have combined in Amsterdam to create a rich and culturally diverse population - a blend reflected in the wealth and variety of cultural events, attractions and cuisine on offer.


Amsterdam's myriad attractions attract an estimated 11 million tourists from all over the world annually - of all ages and backgrounds - proof that whatever you may be interested in, Amsterdam has something to appeal to you!


The Amsterdam Guru Website

This website has been designed to help anyone visiting Amsterdam make the most of their time - and is regularly updated with as much up-to-date information as possible including upcoming events, entertainment, transport information, and other news about Amsterdam.


The Amsterdam Essentials section covers practical information - with a map, weather info, and some other useful bits and pieces.


Whether you demand 5 star accommodation - or a tent meets your needs, try our 'Hotels and Places to Stay' pages for ideas where to stay - and how to get the best deals online.


To find out what's on in Amsterdam check the Entertainment Guides for upcoming music, concerts, cabaret & theatre agendas.


Museum & Exhibitions lists upcoming events in Amsterdam together with a full address & contact information.


Our Food & Drink pages have a selection of Amsterdam restaurants and watering holes recommendations we hope you find to your tastes! (We can't cover all Amsterdam has to offer - but here's the best we know of!)


Shopaholics check out the shopping pages for a rundown of Amsterdam's boutique hotspots, as well as the various markets and local specialities.


Trams, buses, metros, taxis, and three wheeled bikes combining to provide Amsterdam with an excellent and very reliable transport infrastructure – for more comprehensive transport information please click here

Enjoy this site and Amsterdam – tell others if you like what you find – and us if not.


Come back soon!


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