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Amsterdam 'Coffeeshops'


Coffeeshops & Smart Shops


Whilst visiting Amsterdam many people are attracted to the coffeeshops and smart shops offering an assortment of soft drugs and refreshments.


Amsterdam hass a wide range of coffeeshops licensed to sell small amounts of leaf and resin cannabis products for customers’ personal consumption. All these businesses are tightly regulated and must adhere to a strict code of conduct and rigorous laws governing their activities and what they sell. 


Some shops are also licenced to sell alcoholic drinks on the premises – the numbers of these dually licensed bars are slowly diminishing.


Coffeeshops range from fantastic dreamscaped interiors to simple functional café / bars and are generally open from around 10am until around midnight most nights – with some around the center open a little later during the weekend.


Licensed Coffeeshops can be recognised by the green and white leaf logo each must display in front of their premises.



Smart Shops

‘Smart shops’ do not sell cannabis products (although many will sell seeds) but provide herbal concoctions, powders, pills and potions such as ‘magic mushrooms’ and various stimulants, permitted by Dutch law. These shops generally follow regular business hours and are closed after about 6pm most days.


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