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Amsterdam Marijuana – The Facts:

In the past few years the industrial cultivation of weed in the Netherlands has been intensified and technological advances have increased the strength of the buds. It has been estimated that the THC (one of the psycho-active ingredients) content has risen from around 8% - 20%

‘Marijuana’ or ‘cannabis’ has been known by many names. Some of the terms used for the drug are cultural, some more technical.


We have provided a very simple dictionary below to try and guide you through some of the terms most commonly used around Amsterdam.



– (‘Weed’, ‘Green’, ‘Mary Jane’) - the leaf form of the cannabis plant. Grown until plants produce ‘buds’ which are then harvested and dried.


– a type of marijuana that typically produces a ‘high’ effect.


– a type of marijuana effecting a heavy ‘stoned’ feeling.


– (‘Hash’, ‘Black’ ‘Rocky’) a solid form of cannabis, different forms being produced in different ways across the world. Asian, Arabic, Nepali and African varieties are the most popular. Quality and price vary greatly.


– a high-tech contraption for smoking pure weed or resin.


– a glass, clay, wood or metal pipe used to smoke pure weed or hash.


– a generic name for some Sativa weeds sharing a common genetic heritage.


– a generic name for some strains of Indica weed.

‘Space Tea’

– a tea & weed based drink.

‘Space Milkshake’

– a cannabis milkshake (in various flavours)

‘Space Cakes / Cookies’

– cakes and cookies containing cannabis.

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